About Adrian

Hi, I’m Adrian.

I love that you felt called to find out a little bit more about me and the work I am here to do in this world. I’m a Projector, after all, so it lights me up to be seen in this context!

I am here to transform your relationship with your emotional system.

Your emotions are not something you cope with, muscle through or try to keep at bay. If you find yourself here, it’s because, on a profound level, you know that your emotions are the gateway to the embodiment of your Highest Self in this life.

In fact, your emotions are energetic pathways connecting you to higher dimensional spaces. They are the portals, the invitations, the gateways. That is why they are the way we experience life unfolding. All of life moves through us as a river of sensation. Emotions are chemical processes occurring in the body that show up like sensations that we then tell a story about in our mind, which then shapes how we respond to them.

That whole cascade I just mentioned happens fast. But there is so much magic in it when you are able to expand your awareness and build a different relationship with what moves through you. When I say magic, I mean whole new worlds open up.

In our work together the emotions that were the bottleneck become the source of your expansion.

I know. That seems crazy. And, it’s not only possible, it’s part of what you came to this Earth to do. I’m simply the guide to help it all unlock.

So, how did I get here? To be able to do this kind of work?

Well, I have over 15 years of experience as a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist. And, I’m a professionally trained psychic, Highly Sensitive Person and Empath. Plus, the big three in my natal chart are all water signs (Cancer Sun and Ascendent, Scorpio Moon).

After I trained as a psychic, I did readings for awhile. I loved that, but I knew there was more to my gifts.

In 2019, a biotechnology called Crystalline Emotion® started spontaneously downloading to me.  Each 3D emotion (like regular emotion you experience) has a Crystalline version. I certainly wasn’t looking for it because I was in the middle of a tower moment. And, that was perfect timing so that I could literally live through metabolizing the 3D emotions and experience their shifts to 5D and above.

This biotechnology harnesses the power of the emotional system to create portals onto higher dimensional timelines, allowing clients to live multidimensionally and create vibrationally.

I still own and run a successful and expanding group psychotherapy practice in Los Angeles, CA. But I no longer see therapy clients because I have so much more to offer when I get to be all of myself and bring all of my gifts as an Intuitive Coach and Channel.

My experience as a therapist creates a foundational space for experiences that cultivate stability and inspire healing in a woman’s relationship with her emotions. And that is a beautiful platform for the work we get to do together. But the work we get to do goes way beyond that.

I’m grateful for the road that got me here, to this exact moment where you are reading this. And, I can’t wait to hear more about what happened on your road to bring you here to this exact moment.

Reach out to me here or DM me where I love to hang out on Instagram (I love to share all about this work on Instagram stories, so you can see me live there) and let’s connect. Or, if you’re not quite ready to reach out yet, but you want to know more about my current offerings, check those out here.