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What if you saw your sensitivity as a source of power?

What if you saw the emotions you experience on a daily basis as a source of excitement?

What if you knew how to use them as a gateway to reach what you are here to create on the planet at this time?

As you work with the biotechnology of Crystalline Emotion® and through the lens of New Paradigm Emotion, things get easier and less dense in your life because stumbling blocks turn into access points. Those access points allow you to get closer to meeting what you are here to create (i.e. your Soul mission, being connected to Soul resonant relationships, all the things).

Transforming your relationship with emotion and the practice of Crystalline Emotion® rewires and reorganizes your emotional processing system, allowing you to embody Fifth Dimensional (and above) frequencies, bringing you into 5D timelines.

As an example, working with the 3D emotion of frustration and making the shift to the Crystalline (5D) version, which is Aligned Desire, I’m experiencing freedom from the limiting constructs of having to create through hard work, push past emotions or having to live according to outside authority and societal constructs that are disempowering. See more about the shift from 3D frustration to the 5D version, Aligned Desire, here.

The beauty of shifting your relationship with emotion and practicing Crystalline Emotion® is that everything you need is within you and orchestrated for you naturally.  You are simply activating biotechnology that already exists within you, the earth and the cosmos.  

Are you feeling called to calibrate to New Paradigm Emotion?

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