Crystalline Emotion® Essentials Program

Program Details:

This is a 6 week program with an investment of $197

The program begins the Monday immediately following your registration, unless otherwise specified.


  • One 30 minute laser coaching session at Week 3
  • First 3 weeks: content videos (20 min or less) about creating a reliable foundation and protocol for identifying and processing emotions
  • Last 3 weeks: content videos (20 min or less) Crystalline Emotion™ technology to help you understand how Crystalline Emotion™ works
  • Transcripts of video content
  • Each week starts with a short video to set the intention for the week
  • Following your coaching call, you will receive access to request 5D version of 3D emotions.
  • During last 3 weeks, recordings that take you through shift from 3D emotion to its 5D version with a supporting exercise and mantra.

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