Work with Me

You want to calibrate toward Fifth Dimensional living.


Shifting your emotional system from 3D to 5D is a rewiring that occurs energetically as well as in the very cells of your physical body. Doing this work relationally (via coaching) supports, deepens and accelerates that process.

This work goes deep and works quickly. The richness and potency of the biotechnology creates leverage so that what you put in returns to you exponentially.

3 Month Coaching Package

  • One 45 minute laser coaching call a month [must be used within the month]
  • Access to the entire library of 5D emotions
  • Private Voxer chat to support you in identifying + shifting emotions to 5D [weekday access]
  • Access to guidance and tools for how to process emotion so you have a foundation of emotional stability to practice the biotechnology

Investment: $5555 USD (3 months pay in full)

Payment Plan: $2222 x 3 payments