What is Crystalline Emotion?

Triple Water Wisdom

In meditation, my guidance downloaded the concept of Crystalline Emotion. What I understood is that crystalline emotion is the fifth dimensional version of carbon emotion. Just like we have two strand carbon DNA that is shifting to twelve strand crystalline DNA.

Crystalline emotion is a full spectrum version of carbon emotion. This means that there is a lot more valuable information and experience to be downloaded when we experience crystalline emotion as opposed to carbon emotion.

In our current society, emotion, as it is currently understood, is barely starting to be recognized as valuable. As a psychotherapist, I have spent my career teaching people about the inherent value of the human emotional system, not knowing that I would one day discover crystalline emotion.

In essence, crystalline emotion is a living transmission, a living bioculture being transmitted through the human body. It is a Divinely given technology.

It is about intimacy with ourselves. It is about wholeness. It is about the unity of fifth dimensional consciousness.

Making contact with the wisdom of crystalline emotion results in a state of fulfillment, a deep need being met. Similar to how you might feel after drinking cool water when you are incredibly thirsty.

Working with crystalline emotion is honoring the human experience and body as a vehicle for ascension into 5D living.

Upgrading this biotechnology of human emotion is a way of living onto higher vibrational timelines and the highest vibrational experiences of your soul existence in human form.

My guidance showed me the difference between carbon emotion and crystalline emotion as the difference between a lotus flower and a waterfall. The lotus flower grows through mud and is rooted in mud. Whereas a waterfall is clean running water, flowing from a source.

Lisa Transcendence Brown writes about how carbon based structures are fixed and crystalline based structures are self adapting, constantly breaking down and reshaping. Yes, this is what crystalline emotion is: it is a process that requires us to allow the constant breaking down and reshaping of our realities and our human experience so that it is constantly evolving toward its highest expression. It is not fixed.

Crystalline emotion is embedded with divine codes. I was shown these codes as imprinted on the water going into and over the waterfall of our human experience. As we allow the crystalline emotion, we are unfurling the divine codes imprinted from Source.

To connect the concept of crystalline emotion to something you know: consider how a certain experience has steered you toward your life purpose or a spiritual awakening. Unlocking the directions to turn toward your purpose work or your spiritual awakening is exactly the kind of information that is encoded in crystalline emotion.

Crystalline emotion attunes you to a higher and higher frequency. It is about integrating more of your Divinity.

As such, a human being metabolizing crystalline emotion is impacted directly resulting in an increase in frequency, allowing their capacity to manifest and do their soul work become greater. Similar to moving to bigger chambers in the chambered nautilus.

I have also been shown that the divine codes embedded in crystalline emotion radiate through the presence of the human being metabolizing it through their human experience. These codes then get disseminated through their presence, and subsequently, what they create or communicate. This makes the experience of crystalline emotion incredibly valuable for those that are here on Earth at this time to facilitate massive movement on the ascension path; those who are here to hold space for many souls to evolve on this journey.

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