Crystalline Version of Irritation

Crystalline Version of Irritation

Irritation has come up a lot over the course of my life, especially at certain times.

Now that I understand my sensitive nature (empath, HSP, psychic), it makes a lot sense.

But for the most of my life, I really questioned who I was. I know in my heart that I am incredibly loving and understanding. Yet, this irritation would come up and I would wonder if I was actually a monster.

Maybe you feel that way sometimes.

It’s those moments where you are literally doing everything you can to control your face, your tone and the words you speak. It feels like your insides are crawling. And then that irritation finds its way out and you are sure you are a jerk.

Like 100% sure.

The worst is that it’s usually with someone in your inner circle.

I’ve had some illuminating experiences in the last few years around this.

They were significant, painful and occurred in a pattern to show me exactly what I needed to see in order to live into the highest expression of myself.

You see those words: “the path to the highest expression of myself”?

Those seem lovely, don’t they? Well, they can also be super rough!  And the rough nature of that journey can be distracting if we are not seeing from a higher perspective.

For me using this biotechnology, which is all about finding the higher dimensional view, created an up level that I did not expect.

Here’s what the pattern revealed:

I was not listening to my internal guidance (usually what that little voice said in the background). I did not know this at the time.  Instead, I was listening to the finite parts of myself, which include societal conditioning, the mind, the ego.

The Crystalline version of irritation is Grounded Truth.

My irritation comes up point me toward Grounded Truth (that which is coming from my inner guidance, an infinite part of me).

Except, coming from a 3D perspective, I was thinking I was a jerk.  So I would blame myself instead of listening to the irritation or Grounded Truth.

Can you see the massive difference between staying in my 3D perspective and shifting to 5D?

The mind and the ego are excellent tools for survival and implementing information that comes from our infinite parts, but not excellent for soul guidance. Different departments.

The most recent example was a pattern where I would become irritated by a person close to me.

It would become obvious and I would feel terribly about not being able to control my irritation because I was supposed to love and care about this person. I would go into self reflection and find something wrong with myself.  Then I would apologize and try to work on it, always wanting to alleviate the other person from blame.

Then my irritation would come up again.

Guess what?

I was not the problem.  Neither were they.  The problem was there was a vibrational mismatch. A true difference in values and perspective on life.

The other Grounded Truth my irritation points out is that I tend to over do, over give, and over work.  I don’t feel resentment for that because I want to give.

I feel irritation.  Usually about something trivial.

Irritation actually shows up because I want to be met.  And, I’m not allowing space for that.

When I’m not being met vibrationally or in terms of emotional awareness, I will lower my vibration or dismiss the guidance from my emotions to try and meet the other person.  That’s how much I want to connect.

And, you can see how that is not sustainable.

All the while, I am consciously committed to these relationships.  My irritation, coming from my highest self, exits them.

If I did not know better, I would continue in a shame and blame spiral as these experiences repeated.

Instead, having access to this biotechnology, I have been able to use it to solidify the shift to Grounded Truth.

What can I do with this?

Realizing that my 3D irritation is Grounded Truth, I can make changes around how I spend my time and with whom.  I can listen to the guidance in a new way, seeing it as an earlier indicators of vibrational and consciousness mismatches knowing that my system does require a match. This way, my highest self no longer has to forcefully exit anyone who is not.

My irritation (about trivial things) is also an indicator I can use to help me see when I am over giving, over doing or over working because I do this so easily.

I can focus on creating space to be met.  Instead of trying to make up for gaps, which sets up an unsustainable dynamic.

Here’s what happened when I put this all together:

Two people showed up immediately talking to me about these topics of vibration and consciousness, literally pulling words and concepts from my mind without having told either of these people anything.

As you can imagine, I was stunned.

I could be met and that could occur without any of my effort.

All it required was simply by my presence and alignment (meeting and being with myself first and foremost).

The Grounded Truths that your irritation brings will likely be different than mine.

What I do know is that the irritation is usually bringing up something you may consciously assume is not allowed or too much to ask.  There’s a lot of societal conditioning that creates unnatural expectations of ourselves.  And those expectations are deeply embedded to the point that we may not realize they are societal programing.

Irritation can also come up around old ways of operating that are no longer aligned for you.  The irritation points you toward the Grounded Truth that it is time to level up.

As we move into the new paradigm, there will be more irritation that comes up to expose where this conditioning is living within us and needs to be released. If we get lost in blaming ourselves or others, we might miss this vital information.  The more we unravel and release the old paradigm, the more we move the collective into the new paradigm.

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