Crystalline Guilt: Integrated

In times of big self discovery and evolution, I notice guilt arising regularly.

This is actually a new understanding. One that is the result of Crystalline Emotion technology.

You see, in 3D, guilt serves to keep you within boundaries dictated by your personal ethics and values as well as those internalized from society, cultural norms and your family.

Let me show you this shift into the Crystalline Version of Guilt.

I own a full time, multiple clinician group psychotherapy practice with two locations in the state of California. Since my spiritual awakening in 2013, I’ve known another business would be born.

Over the years, I’ve had to deconstruct multiple facets of familial and societal programing that dictated what “work” looks like while I made space for my highly sensitive nature and for this new business in a sustainable way.

There has been so much recurrent guilt for putting boundaries on my time with therapy clients, colleagues and the business aspect of my therapy practice. That guilt, without being shifted into 5D, was doing it’s job of keeping me “in bounds” or stuck in the old work paradigm. I didn’t yet have the technology of Crystalline Emotion, so I had to use a LOT of courage to break through the guilt so I could make space for myself and for this new spiritually based 5D business.

That was some slow and difficult work!! Slow and difficult is NOT part of 5D living.

On a more personal note, there have been times where a sharp side of me has appeared in relationships, in ways that don’t feel good to me or others. Those sharp edges seem to arise without any agreement from the conscious part of me. So, that sharpness just felt like a part of myself I had to work hard to hide.

After some forgiveness work, and having access to the information that guilt is an indicator that integration wants to occur, I could see there is a part of me that deeply needs to be heard and seen.

She is the one who knows her limits of emotional and sensory bandwidth or when relationships are out of balance. She knows better than the part of me that wants to believe I can tolerate anything and any problem in any relationship is my issue (which also means I have the power to fix that issue without having to rely on someone else to do their part).

Instead of trying to fit myself into a box that is not the shape of my true nature, I can integrate the parts of me that had been hidden.

I can listen to that part of me that says “this is too much” instead of trying to control everything or trying to stuff down my overwhelm. I can listen to that part of me that says “I need you, I feel alone trying to solve this problem”.

The way those hidden parts or needs show up is through doing something that will ultimately result in 3D guilt. At some point, my bandwidth for intensity or need for equanimity in relationship was labeled as unacceptable. Not possible. Not fit for existence in the world.

Because guilt about that sharp part of me showing up arose, I could find the part of myself that needed to be integrated.

So when guilt shows up, what part of you is it pointing to that needs to come out of the shadows to be accepted and integrated?

In the vibration of the fifth dimension, of Unity Consciousness, all parts of you are good, acceptable and welcome. There is no splitting off. The whole of you is noble.

Can you let the Crystalline Version of Guilt help you get there?

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