Crystalline Overwhelm: A Connection to Your True Infinite Nature

Crystalline Overwhlem

Crystalline Emotion creates shifts that are the result of exactly zero effort.

This is an illustration of how it happened in a regular, every day conversation with my sister when she was experiencing true overwhelm.

My sister is a chef. Creativity is at the center of her 7 figure catering business in Los Angeles.

In previous conversations, my sister shared that she noticed a shift in potential customers’ booking patterns. Information started coming to her through her network that a competitor had been stealing her recipes and her customers. She was hearing that this competitor would ask her potential customers for the bids her team prepared and would offer a similar bid at a lower price to win the business. She had been a little skeptical about how true this could be.

In this conversation, she was sharing with me that she had been at an event that night where this new competitor started overtly commenting that they are very similar in the way they run their businesses and in their pricing. Coming into direct contact with this person and seeing how brazen he was about what he was doing brought all the pieces together. It confirmed the information she had heard.

My sister was in a moment of true overwhelm, feeling like there was no recourse. She could create new recipes, but he would just continue stealing them as he clearly had no qualms about doing so.

We both were present to that sense of overwhelm.

I asked what she had thought about doing. She said that people at the top of their field in a related industry require a deposit for a bid. That helps to create a commitment with the customer before booking their event.

Right there, the shift to Crystalline Emotion occurred. The Crystalline version of overwhelm is being connected to our True Infinite Nature.

I told her she is at the top of her field. Clearly. This shameless competitor’s actions are proof. Being at the top means being an innovator in the sense of bringing new ideas forward as a chef as well as a business owner. She can set a new industry standard. And. Her creativity is infinite. It is not a limited well.

When I was sharing with her later about Crystalline Emotion works, she told me that, in that conversation, she felt an immediate shift.

And, at a subsequent event, another colleague who knows the situation echoed this message: that she is at the top of her field, that her creativity is infinite and she has the power to set industry standards.

The willingness to be present to the overwhelm, to allow the information in her surroundings in and detach from the “bad news” of the situation, this shift was possible. You see, in 5D, the duality of good and bad does not exist. What happens is just information.

That is how Crystalline Emotion works. Without effort, but with willingness.

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