How Lightning Forms: A metaphor for the process of practicing Crystalline Emotion

crystalline emotion

I’m going to walk through the steps using quotes out of an article from the website “How Stuff Works” on How Lightning Works.

The first thing I was to establish is: Lightning begins with … the water cycle. The element of water is most commonly associated with emotion. It would make sense that the foundation of how lightening (plasma) is created on earth would be water and that Crystalline Emotion would be shown to me as akin to plasma.

In the process of the water cycle, moisture can accumulate in the atmosphere. This accumulation is what we see as a cloud.” Think of this cloud or accumulation of moisture as an experience we have as human beings that brings emotions to the surface. These emotions likely have connections to other experiences we’ve had in this life and even past lives.

“Interestingly, clouds can contain millions upon millions of water droplets and ice suspended in the air. As the process of evaporation and condensation continues, these droplets collide with other moisture that is in the process of condensing as it rises. Also, the rising moisture may collide with ice or sleet that is in the process of falling to the earth or located in the lower portion of the cloud. The importance of these collisions is that electrons are knocked off of the rising moisture, thus creating a charge separation. Think of this like all the thoughts, sensations and emotions being stirred up, priming us for a realization, growth opportunity or breakthrough. As this charge separation occurs, our awareness is called forth.

All that is needed now is a conductive path for the negative cloud bottom to contact the positive earth surface.” The conductive path is created by our awareness and presence to our experience. Most important about the awareness we bring to this experience is neutrality about whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant. This is a key aspect of accessing Crystalline Emotion: the non-attachment to whether it is “positive or negative”.

Crystalline Emotion exists at the level of Unity Consciousness. That means duality does not exist. The unpleasant nature of an experience is simply meant to be a call. Something to capture our attention. As we evolve closer to 5D experiences, this will be less necessary–for the use of unpleasant emotion to bring our attention to any experience. However, for now, that is part of the ascension bridge. So, as soon as we can move from the unpleasantness of the experience getting our attention to seeing this as an opportunity to practice Crystalline Emotion, the more quickly this alchemical process can unfold.

“The electric field causes the surrounding air to become separated into positive ions and electrons — the air is ionized…The importance of this separation/stripping is that the electrons are now free to move much more easily than they could before the separation.” The non-attachment to the pleasant or unpleasant experience allows the space for this process to unfold. Consider looking at the experience as interesting or observing it objectively instead of attaching to the emotions being metabolized through your body.

“So this ionized air (also known as plasma) is much more conductive than the previous non-ionized air. Incidentally, the ability or freedom of the electrons to move is what makes any material a good conductor of electricity.” The ionized air or plasma is a metaphor for the neutrality required for crystalline emotion. That neutrality is a conductor of electricity that facilities the strike. The lightning strike is the alchemical process of utilizing our human experience and body as an ascension vehicle.

“Once the ionization process begins and plasma forms, a path is not created instantaneously. In fact, there are usually many separate paths of ionized air stemming from the cloud. These paths are typically referred to as step leaders.” This is literally creating lines of potentiality for how the electrical charge or the lightening strike (the codes embedded in Crystalline Emotion, which are the very reason the experience was materialized in our consciousness in the first place) will reach the earth or materialize in our lived experience.

“The leader that reaches the earth first reaps the rewards of the journey by providing a conductive path between the cloud and the earth. This leader is not the lightning strike; it only maps out the course that the strike will follow.”

“As the step leaders approach the earth, objects on the surface begin responding to the strong electric field. The objects reach out to the cloud by “growing” positive streamers… Once produced, the streamers do not continue to grow toward the clouds; bridging the gap is the job of the step leaders as they stage their way down. The streamers wait patiently, stretching upward as the step leaders approach.” These positive streamers are like our willingness to allow this alchemical process to occur. Looking at an experience through the lens of willing to use the experience for growth is one of the ways to align with the practice of Crystalline Emotion.

“After the step leader and the streamer meet, the ionized air (plasma) has completed its journey to the earth, leaving a conductive path from the cloud to the earth. With this path complete, current flows between the earth and the cloud. This discharge of current is nature’s way of trying to neutralize the charge separation.” And here is where the experience and emotion are metabolized and you embody the Crystalline Emotion of that experience. For example, there is an experience that brings up primarily anger and you are able to act from the Crystalline version of anger, which is Embodied Care. The result of this alchemical process has healing effects that move across dimensions of time and space, transforming all that was called from past experiences (including past lives) into that experience.

Crystalline Emotion carries codes to support us in the ascension process, in embodying our divinity. Those codes are coming from the cosmos and higher dimensional planes looking to be anchored through our human experience. The lightening (the practice of Crystalline Emotion) is how these codes are grounded into our human bodies. This is exactly how Crystalline Emotion is a living transmission. The embodiment of these codes is how we ground higher dimensional timelines and frequencies. As we embody these codes through practicing Crystalline Emotion, we are traveling up the ascension spiral.

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