Plasma as Crystalline Emotion

Crystalline Emotion

In the months following the initial download of the concept Crystalline Emotion, my guidance began to reveal how Crystalline Emotion works.

The image I am repeatedly shown is a centrifuge. Specifically, a centrifuge that separates out different substances in human blood. The centrifuge is a visual metaphor for the lived human experience.

I was shown specific focus on the plasma. Crystalline Emotion is the plasma. The plasma transports the other elements of the blood to all the different parts of the body. Crystalline Emotion acts as our transportation for the ascension process. Working with it consciously by transforming our lived experience by accessing Crystalline Emotion allows us to raise our frequency, access higher dimensional timelines and fast track our movement toward the embodiment of our Divinity.

Consider that our emotions are occurring all the time, even we are not aware of them. They are like the carrier substance (plasma) of our lived experience. Emotions provide guidance, contextualize experiences, and help us make sense of what happens. That means we have constant opportunities to practice Crystalline Emotion and access higher planes.

As information about Crystalline Emotion has been downloaded, I see repeated patterns of “as above so below”. Just as plasma makes up 55% of our human blood, plasma is the most prevalent state of matter in the universe.

Interestingly, plasma is also the word used to describe the 4th state of matter. Plasma is the most prevalent state of matter in the universe. On earth, it is most commonly manifested in lightening.

The way lightening forms is actually a very accurate description of how Crystalline Emotion works. Read more…

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